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Interested in making money online as a ghostwriter? Well, ghostwriting is one of the most lucrative jobs in the freelancing arena. As a writer, you do not necessarily need to become a ghostwriter, but it’s a good deal to think of.

So, what is this ghostwriting?

A ghost is something that does not exist, or that you cannot see. A ghostwriter, in simple terms, is a writer whose name doesn’t appear anywhere in the work. For instance, when it comes to novels, magazines or books, you write, and someone else gets credit for the work you do.

Here in this article, we have a rundown of how you can get started and make the right amount of money as a ghostwriter.

Who uses ghostwriters?

Business owners

Big industries with the aim of selling their products and services consider ghostwriting. This saves them time to learn how to write and also resources. Hiring a ghostwriter is cheaper and more convenient; hence, business owners and organizations consider it best.


People well-known globally already have a market. People follow their stories and writing a book or a magazine makes them even more popular. For instance, musicians, athletes, and actors always need to tell their stories without needing to learn how to write. This necessitates the need for a writer, and that’s how a ghostwriter comes in.

Bestselling authors

These are individuals who are already known and who used to write. A time comes when they cannot write any more; when your book is popular, you sometimes lack time to write more. Hiring a ghostwriter is the best option and helps the author keep their followers.


As a publisher, the aim is always to flock to the market with new materials to read. They hire ghostwriters to do the work and continue publishing copies year after year.

Six tips on how to become a ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is one of the most unique in the writing industry; you find it hard to come across how you can succeed. With every project, you must begin somewhere before becoming a celebrity ghostwriter.

All you need to do is learn how to get started and commit your time to the same. Here are the tips.

Work on your interviewing skills

In ghostwriting, interviews are one of the key success factors. You get to learn more about what the client is looking for. Remember that writing a book is not the same as writing a 300 words SEO article. You need to have a good and deep conversation with your client. Get to know their ideas on the project and what they want to achieve.

Be a good reader

Apart from listening to your client, you must spend much time reading all the articles, fiction, other books or blog posts written for that client. This will give a basic understanding of what the client stands for. It is another way to get attached to the project.

Learn different writing styles

Remember you are writing on behalf of someone else. So, you need to have a style that matches their need. From time to time, you will need to change the style; one client will need formal writing, while another will need conversational. Others prefer poetic prose, while others prefer lyrical. Your clients are always right, so giving them what they need will increase your ratings.

Build your ghostwriting business

Treat ghostwriting like any other business. Remember you need a portfolio where you can display that you are a ghostwriter for hire. Remember, the moment you tell people you are a ghostwriter, the first they do is look for you online. Again, we live in a digital world; hence, people are looking for online services. Your blog will increase your chances of meeting new clients and securing new opportunities.

Reach out to potential clients looking for ghostwriters

Almost all businesses and brands have ghostwriting needs. Write-ups are almost necessary as long as they do marketing. Reaching out to these people and creating awareness that you are a good ghostwriter will easily lead to securing your first gig. You can start with a company that you already have a link to. Remember, you will get frustrations along the way. Accept and go on searching. By doing that, you will manage to get that first client.

Understand your clients

Before taking the first job, ensure that you have good knowledge about what you are writing. Rating is very important in freelancing; all you need to do is ensure you are reading from the same page as your buyer; by doing that, you will be making steps towards becoming the best ghostwriter in the industry.

What are the benefits of ghostwriting

You make money

Ghostwriters earn more money than other freelancers. Though the payment varies from one client to another, you can earn up to 80,000 dollars in one task. Meeting a well-known brand or celebrity is always a plus as you earn good money for them taking credit for your work.

You learn in the process.

As you ghostwrite, you come across multiple topics that are new to you. This broadens your thinking capacity and teaches you how to deal with various situations. Let’s say you ghostwrite about fashion; by the time you finish, you will have learned new things.

Improve your writing skills

As a freelance writer, the more you write, the greater your experience. You also grow your skill set. It’s always better to keep practicing. This gives opportunity to land another job soon.

You network

Networking is the next great deal that you can seal in the market. When you write for a well-known company, there is a likelihood that they will share their work with other companies ghostwriters.

How to be a ghostwriter on Fiverr

Learning how Fiverr operates is the first step to success in this ghostwriting industry. Fiverr is a great platform to kick-start your career. On the platform, you will showcase your portfolio, and clients can hire you from different parts of the world. Offer ghostwriting gig and get a chance to secure your first job. If you want to become a ghostwriter for music and make money, you can still offer the service on Fiverr.

Is ghostwriting for me?

Well, if you are a good interviewer and communicator and have good writing skills, why not. If you need to make money online, ghostwriting is a good option. Build your portfolio, network, meet the brands, write your first gig, and finally, success will follow you. 

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